About Dick Pietschmann

PeachI write and blog from the Hollywood Hills, using irony and margaritas to help me fight off the arrogance that naturally flows from fame and adulation. That’s irony in the dictionary definition. I use years of experience writing about cars, travel, food, music, movies and pretty much anything of interest to human beings, including what one editor recently termed, with unusual insight, “shiny objects,”  for magazines such as Travel & Leisure, Bon Appetit, The New Yorker, Worth and Outside. I’ve done plenty of what are now called “celebrity” profiles, though I do not care to do any more. (Celebrities are just like you and I, only worse.) A column about cars I wrote for several years at Departures magazine honed my automotive cred, and I’ve been there and back more times than I can remember as travel editor for Los Angeles and Diversion magazines. I also write screenplays, the notes for which often come back admonishing me for using too many words. Not in the ironic sense.richard-for-belair_tmp


5 responses to “About Dick Pietschmann

  1. Get busy and post something

  2. HonduranBob

    You have more talent than you realize.
    Write about people you have known or would like to know.
    Some folks are doing or have done some unusual things in their lie that are very significant.

  3. How come you never write about great Italian wines and Italy no more? You also need better photos of everything, including the writer of your blog. You still one cool dude.

  4. Jerry Harrison

    Now that JD Salinger is no longer with us..Mr. Pietschmann, I no first hand from an article he wrote about a show I produced, I think the article got a Pulitzer..perhaps one of our greatest living writers.
    Jerry Harrison

  5. bob clampett

    Whatever Tommy says, it must be manna from Heaven. Whatever you want to do is okay by this boy.

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