ImageWe ate lunch at the Palm in West Hollywood.  Again.  Couldn’t help ourselves.   We were back in L.A.  And It was Good Friday.

But, honestly, there was a good reason.  We received an e-mail while we were out of town that the Palm restaurants nationwide were in mid-March beginning a new lunch menu.

IMG_4722And get this: a martini—any real martini—would cost $8.37 (which, as Palmistos and Palmistas know, is the 2nd Avenue address of the original Palm in Manhattan).  Not a special.  Every day from now on.  Now that’s lunch.

That would be $8.37 for any top shelf martini—as long as it’s a classic martini and not a faux one like a cosmo or apple .  So naturally my eye went to the apex of the top shelf and Hendrick’s.  Yep, Hendrick’s included, the manly beverage (with couple drops of dry vermouth, I’m pretty sure) pictured here on the afternoon of Good Friday.

It went stupendously well with swordfish and cheesecake.  Was this a good idea?  Was it anti-religious? Was another ordered?  Were there consequences?  Only the next time will tell.


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