Martinis back in the day were served in dinky little cheap stemmed glassware.  Maybe two ounces of gin mixed with a little vermouth was the maximum pour.  Olives robbed way too much room.

That all changed with the drinks revolution.  First came the cocktail glass with greater capacity and far wider diameter.  The four-ounce martini (and more) became the norm in better bars.  The one served at the Palm restaurants, shown here, is the benchmark.palm

This also became the standard for those of us who shake or stir them up at home.  This is my martini buddy Chris and I at my home in the Hollywood Hills. (For those of you far too interested in these matters, the wonderful cocktail glasses with the slightly curved sides you see came from IKEA, of all places.)chrispeacch

The next change was the better-quality cocktail glass analogous to the finer wine glass.  This one is found at Craft in Los Angeles’ Century City.  Yes, that’s my hand caressing it.craft

Now we have the artisan cocktail glass.  The sky-high one seen here is at the exclusive 10 Pound in the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.  This exquisite piece of glassware must cost the hotel more than the equivalent of 10 Pounds Sterling.10Pound1

And the fantastical martini glass below is from the Martini Bar aboard Oceania Cruises’ Marina.marina martini bar


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