All obsessions inevitably manifest themselves in physical form. The flipflop-shod foot shown in the photograph illustrates this axiom. It is my left foot and, yes, that is a miniature martini painted on the big toenail. And yes, that is a tiny pimento-stuffed olive in the martini.

This homage to my obsession came to be last June at a health spa called The Golden Door in San Marcos, California, in northern San Diego County. It is a small place dedicated to healthy, active living. Thoughts are pure. Skeletal muscles are challenged. Minds are opened and expanded. No alcohol of any kind is served, except on the last dinner of the seven-day week when a little decent wine is uncorked in celebration.

To some, that toenail martini may seem like childish rebellion, or even needless perversity. But to me it is an expression of regard for my surroundings and temporary victory over obsession. Soon enough there will be martinis. Perhaps even on the drive home. But certainly at home, as the second photograph proves.




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