cafe was (2)


Café Was is a watering hole on Vine Street in the heart of Hollywood.  It’s really a late-night place that bills itself as a “Bohemian bistro, bar and cabaret”. It’s located in that gentrifying block between Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, suspended as it is between tourism and the new hip residents.  But we craved a late-afternoon pick-me-up before ambling over to the nearby Cinerama Dome on Sunset for a screening.

As a side observation, the Dome—the largest geodesic dome in existence—is an amazing place to see a movie. Occasionally it even shows the extra-wide screen films for which it was designed.

We passed Café Was and paused. Was it even open at such an ungodly early hour? We tried the door and it opened. So we shrugged and went in.

It was dark, of course, a stark contrast to the blazing L.A. sun outside, and the battered bar just inside the entrance was occupied by a sole imbiber and the barkeep. You can see a sliver of that peeling bar top in the accompanying photograph. Despite the happy hour timing, Was had none.  But the barman obligingly shook up a nice Bombay Sapphire martini, which went down the hatch, and we were on our way to the Dome.


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