Poke Dick Pietschmann to Write More Great Copy

This is Patti Pietschmann urging you to comment or email Dick Pietschmann to post more of his great writing on this site.That’s Richard and Patti at the Palm in West Hollywood.

He is one of the best writer/journalist/travel writer/automotive writers in the US and needs his fans to poke him, get him going, cheer him on.

To the right is Richard with friend Chris Barnett, also an ace journalist.

Below our neice Linda Covello who is one of the world’s top photographers (www.lindacovellophotography.com) with her Uncle Richard.

And our best pals Bob Clampett (creative/talented writer),  and Jules Valentine-Clampett  (lovely person, knows her flora and landscaping) of Seattle.

Okay now get out and get Dick Pietschmann to WRITE.



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2 responses to “Poke Dick Pietschmann to Write More Great Copy

  1. Al Drew

    Who the hell is Bob Clampett and why
    is he writing those terrible things
    about me? Al Drew

  2. Tom Link

    Aha! So now, at last, I understand the situation. Came across this “poke Pietschmann” e-mail this afters. It answers a lot of my questions.

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